Welcome to the Town of Hollis Assessment Database. Assessments shown on this database are effective as of the 1st of the current month, but may not include all updates or revisions to all properties.

Any questions regarding assessments should be directed to the Assessing Office at (603) 465-2209, ext. 105. The Assessing Office is open Monday through Friday, excepting holidays, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Tax Information:

Tax (Mill) Rate for 2017 is $23.15.

Equalized Value Ratio (Sales Ratio) for 2016 is 90.0%. The 2017 Equalized Value Ratio should be available by Spring 2018.

2017 Tax Maps are available online at http://hollisnh.org/, please click on  "Hollis Tax Maps" under the "Quick Links" section. Aerial and other maps may be found by clicking on "Online Property Maps" also on the Town's website. Hard copies of the 2017 Tax Maps are available to view or purchase during normal business hours at Town Hall.

The 2017 Tax Year begins April 1, 2017 and ends March 31, 2018. Property Tax information, such as tax bills and/or paid amounts, is now available via the Town's website. Please visit the Town's website as above and click on the link for "Online Tax Bills." For Tax related questions, please call the Tax Collector's office at (603) 465-2209, ext. 104.

If you feel that your property assessment is incorrect, you may be able to appeal your assessment. In accordance with NH RSA 76, you may file for abatement once you have received the final tax bill for the year; this is the bill due on or about December 1st annually. The deadline for filing an abatement for the 2017 Tax Year is MARCH 1, 2018. Please visit the Town of Hollis Assessing website at http://hollisnh.org/assessing/assessing_main.htm or contact the Assessing Office during normal business hours for further information.

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