Welcome to the Vision Government Solutions, Inc Assessor’s database for the City of Pawtucket, RI. The City of Pawtucket has contracted with Vision Government Solutions, Inc of Northboro, Massachusetts to complete the state mandated full revaluation project. The reassessment program will establish market value as of December 31, 2017 and will be reflected in the tax bills issued in the summer of 2018.  The project will commence this spring in the northeast area of the city with data collectors visiting all buildings to record exterior measurements and conduct interior inspections.  Data collectors will carry a letter of identification from the Assessor's Office, a photo ID badge and have their cars registered with the Police Department.  All property owners and tenants are respectfully requested to cooperate with data collectors in insure that accurate information is used in the revaluation process.  No interior inspections will be done unless an adult 18 years of age or older is available.  Any property owners who have questions concerning the revaluation process can contact the Assessor's Office during working hours at 401-728-0500 ext. 333.

The Information provided in this database currently reflects the assessed valuation for each individual City of Pawtucket property for the 2015 Tax Roll. This database also provides the user with an explanation of the revaluation process. (SEE TAXPAYER INFORMATION)

2017 Tax Rates (all rates per thousand):

Residential (up to 5 units)    22.72

Commercial                        34.88

Automobile                         53.30

Tangible                             52.09                                                                                                                                    

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