Welcome to the ROCHESTER, MA Online Assessment Database, updated October 18, 2016. The Rochester Board of Assessors is responsible for the full and fair market valuation of real and personal property for the purpose of levying the property tax every year. It is the responsibility of the Assessors Office to maintain valuations at full and fair cash value, and to meet the Commissioner of Revenue’s recertification requirements for property valuation annually. The Assessors Office collects data, and maintains a database on each parcel of property in the Town of Rochester. Every effort to ensure the accuracy of the database is taken by the Assessors Office. If you find any discrepancies with your property record, please bring it to the attention of the Assessors Office as soon as possible, for correction. It is our purpose to maintain accurate records, and to provide the taxpayers of Rochester prompt and efficient service. We hope this helpful new website also allows a better understanding of your property valuation and how that valuation is determined. The Rochester Assessors Office is located at 1 Constitution Way, Rochester, MA 02770. Our office hours are: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday (Friday until noon during the summer months). We can be reached at (508) 763-5250. Values are Actual Values for Fiscal Year 2017. The single tax rate for Fiscal Year 2017 is $14.39 per thousand, for all property. This database should NOT be used for any legal purposes. Ownership records are updated on an annual basis; therefore, recent transfers of ownership should be researched at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. Mailing addresses are updated in our office on a daily basis. If you need addresses for legal purposes (such as abutter's lists), we recommend you visit the Assessors' Office at the Rochester Town Hall.