Welcome to the Vision Government Solutions Inc. Assessor’s database for the Town of Sharon, CT.  This information is compiled for assessment purposes only and reflects statutory required dates that may not be compatible for other purposes. Please note:  The assessments reflect values as of a revaluation date of October 1, 2013. Some assessments may have changed since the last completed grand list and should be verified. The next revaluation is on the 2018 Grand List.

Sharon's mill rate for 2016 grand list fiscal year 17-18 is 14.70. The mill rate for 2017 grand list fiscal year 18-19 will be set in May 2018. 

To contact the Assessor please call 860-364-0205 office hours are Mon. 9-Noon- Weds. and Thurs. from 9-Noon and 1 to 4PM. Closed on Tues. and Friday.