Welcome to the Vision Government Solutions Inc. Assessor’s database for the Town of Sharon, CT. The Town of Sharon has contracted with Vision Government Solutions Inc. (formerly known as Vision Appraisal Technology) of Northboro, Massachusetts to assist with the state mandated revaluation project. The Information provided in this database reflects the new assessed valuation for each individual property as of the October 1, 2013 grand list. This information is compiled for assessment purposes only and reflects statutory required dates that may not be compatible for other purposes. This database also provides the user with an explanation of the revaluation process (SEE TAXPAYER INFORMATION).

Please note: The previous assessment was as of October 1, 2008. The new assessments reflect values as of October 1, 2013.

Sharon's mill rate for 2012 grand list fiscal year 13-14 is 11.7. The mill rate for the 2013 grand list will be set May of 2014. To contact the Assessor please call 860-364-0205 office hours are Mon. Weds. Thurs. from 9-Noon and 1 to 4PM. Closed on Tues. and Friday.


You may be prompted to install Silverlight (a free product from Microsoft) after you enter. Follow all the prompts to run the plug-in installer. In some cases, you may need to refresh or restart your browser. If you have any questions please call Vision customer support at 800-628-1013 x2.