Welcome to the ALTON, NH Online Assessment Database. The information is furnished by the Alton Assessing Office and updated monthly, therefore the information may not reflect recent real estate activity. Property record information is kept at the Alton Assessors office.
The Alton Assessors office is located at 1 Monument Square. Office hours are from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. The assessors email address is: assessor@alton.nh.gov //Please visit the Town's website at www.alton.nh.gov

The Town of Alton's last statistical update was 2016. 

 Alton's Tax Maps are now available on line. Visit the town's web site to access the tax maps. www.alton.nh.gov
By using this system, you acknowledge that you understand and accept that the information furnished is for the convenience of the user and is not the official public record for the town. Property owners are encouraged to check the accuracy of the detail section of their property description. Please contact the Assessing office with any changes.
Abutter's notification list is most accurate at the town hall. This changes frequently so please check the town's current records.

The Town of Alton has just completed a 2017 town wide update. All assessments are preliminary and anyone whose assessment has gone up more then $7,000 will receive a letter from the Alton assessors office showing the new and old assessment. At that time anyone wishing to have their assessment reviewed will have the opportunity to do so by appointment only. Do not use the 2016 tax rate to figure your taxes. By doing so it would be an incorrect amount. The new tax rate will be available sometime in October 2017 if not sooner. 
Some frequently asked questions:

What is the tax rate for 2017? The Alton tax rate is $ N/A. What is the town's assessment ratio for 2016? The Alton ratio is 97.5%. The 2016 tax rate is $14.15.  The 2015 tax rate is $14.27.  The 2015 assessment ratio is 99%
What is the process for changing my mailing address? In order to change one's mailing address,we must have a written request signed by the property owner or emailed request.     Changes can be made to: Town of Alton Assessors Ofiice P O BOX 659 Alton NH 03809 Or fax to: 875-2163 Or Email: nancy@alton.nh.gov