Welcome to the Ashford CT Online Assessment Database.

 The website is updated monthly.  Call if you need more current information.

The Town of Ashford revalued all properties for the Grand List of October 1, 2016 (“2016 Grand List”).  The previous revaluation was for the 2011 Grand List.  The information provided in this database reflects the assessments for the 2016 Grand List. 

The revaluation contractor, Vision Government Solutions, sent notices to all property owners the week of Thanksgiving 2016.  Vision and the Assessor met informally with owners in December 2016 to discuss their assessments.  Property owners provided comments and additional value-related information to the hearing officers, resulting in a re-examination of the data collected.  As a result, Revised Proposed assessments for the 2016 Grand List were mailed to property owners January 10, 2017.  The values in Ashford's Online Assessment Database have been updated with these revised assessments.

The new assessments will be effective for the tax bills due in July 2017. 

NOTE:  The mill rate has not been set for Grand List 2016.  The assessments listed on this site CANNOT be used with last year’s mill rate to calculate taxes.  The new mill rate will be set during the late winter/early spring budget process. 

 Assessor Office:  Phone: 860-487-4403 Fax:  860-487-4432

Email:  assessor@ashfordtownhall.org


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