Welcome to the Vision Goverment Solutions Inc. Assessor’s database for the City of Bristol, CT. The City of Bristol has contracted with Vision Government Solutions Inc. (formerly known as Vision Appraisal Technology) of Northboro, Massachusetts to assist with the state mandated revaluation project.

You are entering the City of Bristol CT 2017 Revaluation database.

The site valuations are being adjusted daily and only represent work in progress valuations.

All property owners will be notified of their final valuation by January 2018. Please contact assessment personnel at 860-584-6240 with questions or concerns regarding any information reported on this website. Property permitted improvement information and ownership/conveyance information are being updated on a weekly basis.


City of Bristol CT Assessment Staff


You may be prompted to install Silverlight (a free product from Microsoft) after you enter. Follow all the prompts to run the plug-in installer. In some cases, you may need to refresh or restart your browser. If you have any questions please call Vision customer support at 800-628-1013 x2.