The Board of Assessors for the Town of Marion, MA hopes this information is helpful to you and invites you to visit this website often. Make sure you use all capital letters, no punctuation, and abbreviate street (ST, RD, AVE, LN, etc.).

Property values are for Fiscal Year 2016.

The tax rate for Fiscal Year 2016 is $11.31 per thousand.

This database should NOT be used for any legal purposes. Ownership records and address changes are updated on an annual basis; therefore, recent transfers of ownership should be researched at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. Mailing addresses are updated daily in the Assessors' Office located in the Marion Town House, 2 Spring Street, Marion, MA  02738.  If you need addresses for legal purposes (such as abutter's lists), please use the taxpayer's computer located in the Assessors' Office.

Town maps and FEMA maps are available at www.mapgeo.com/marionma.

If you have any questions concerning this database or the value of your property, please visit or call the Assessors' Office at 508-748-3510.