Welcome to the Narragansett, RI Online Assessment Database.

The State of Rhode Island requires all Cities and Towns to revalue their taxable real estate every three years.  An inspection of each property is required every nine years.  A revaluation based on market data analysis (statistical) is required at the three and six year marks.  

This database shows the current assessed values as of December 31, 2014.  The previous reassessment was completed in Narragansett for December 31, 2011.  The 2014 values will be used for the 2016 tax bill.  

Tax bills were mailed in July.  Property owners may file an appeal with the Tax Assessor within 90 days of the first payment due date.  Appeal forms are available online or in the Assessor's Office.  

Assessments are required to estimate market value. Because of real estate trends, variation in location, style and conditions, property values are impacted differently. Properties increase or decrease independently because of these factors.  The purpose of revaluation is to equalize the tax burden based on current market conditions.  

The tax rates established for the 2016 Tax Year, are as follows:

Residential = $10.08 Commercial = $15.12 Tangible Business property = $15.12 Motor vehicles = $16.46 
MV Exemptions are $500 from the State and $5,500 from the Town of Narragansett.