Welcome to the Narragansett, RI Online Assessment Database.

The Town of Narragansett completed a state mandated statistical revaluation in 2014.  RI general law requires all cities and towns to revalue their taxable real estate, based on market data analysis (statistical) every 3 and 6 years, with a full inspection of each property every 9 years. 

This database shows the current assessed values as of December 31, 2014.  The previous reassessment, a full inspection of each property, was completed in Narragansett for December 31, 2011.  The values from the statistical revaluation of 2014 have been used for the 2016 tax bills. 

The Tax Assessor’s Office makes every effort to maintain and publish the most accurate information available.   However, the Office assumes no responsibility for errors in the data, and does not guarantee that the information is free from inaccuracies.  The Office also assumes no responsibility for the interpretation of this data.  All building dimensions and/or room count information should be verified with the Building Official’s Office.

The tax rates established for the 2016 Tax Year, are as follows:

Residential = $10.08 Commercial = $15.12 Tangible Business property = $15.12 Motor vehicles = $16.46 

Please note:  This database is updated DAILY for current ownership additions/changes