The assessments represent market value as of 12/31/2011. This data base contains a listing for all real estate, from vacant land to commercial buildings.

Please be sure to review the revaluation information for Newport contained in the new link TAXPAYER INFO and the sub-group OVERVIEW OF MARKET CONDITIONS which includes a summary of market information.

Use upper case on all streets, names, etc. when running searches. For parcels with two addresses ex. 32-34 Broadway, be sure to use the complete address. For Map and lot searches put the lot number in the block field. Map needs to be two characters i.e. Plat/Map 1 is 01, Lot/Block needs to be three characters i.e. lot 1 is 001.

The last statistical upadate was 12/31/2008.

At this time, property photos are unavailable.

Thank you for your cooperation during Newport's reassessment program.



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