Vision Government Solutions completed the full revaluation project as of 12/31/2012. RI general law reguires that cities and towns do a full revaluation every 9 years with a statistical every 3 and 6 years.   Vision Government Solutions completed the 12/31/2015 Statistical Revaluation and those values will be for the 2017 tax bills. 

This database also provides the user with an explanation of the revaluation process. Any appeals of assessments should be made to the Tax Assessor after the first quarter bills are mailed and must be received prior to 90 days from the first quarter due date (July 31, 2017).

Please note that when searching by map (plat) and block (lot) you must use three digits (example map "001" and block "001"). When searching by owner or location do not use any punctuation. Please use the following abbreviations when searching by location - AV, CIR, CT, DR, LN, RD, ST, TRL, WY.

If you have any questions regarding the North Kingstown data base you should call the North Kingstown Assessor's Office at 401-268-1531 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.