Welcome to the Town of South Windsor online Assessor's database. This site shows the assessed value of all property as established for tax purposes for the tax year beginning July 1, 2017.  

Property assessments are based on 70% of market value as of October 1, 2012. Please note that the P.A. 490 use value for farm and forest land is shown for the properties in those programs. Other exemptions to assessments are not shown as part of this database, but will be applied to the final assessments.

The Town of South Windsor is currently in the process of conducting a town wide revaluation for the 2017 grand list year which will comply with the State mandated 5 year cycle.  At this time we expect notices regarding new values to be mailed out by Vision Government Solution at the end of October, 2017 one all sales have been analyzed and values reviewed by the Assessor's office.  All taxpayers will have the opportunity to meet with a Vision representative to review their property,  and all property values will be updated on this site as soon as they are finalized.