Welcome to the Appraisal Vision Assessor's database for the Town of Standish.

2015-2016 Tax Year $12.79 per thousand dollars of valuation.

The tax year runs from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. The yearly bill is legally a single obligation, but is separated into two payments, for our tax payers' convenience. There is some rounding of numbers in the process to make your tax bills. This usually accounts for less than $1 variation. Please pay the bill as written.

The Real Estate market has shown increased activity over sluggish prior years. Prices have improved but continue to remain weak and spotty in some areas. We continue to see a general slow adjustment toward pre boom pricing.

As in prior years, the Standish tax rate remains one of the lowest if not the lowest in Cumberland County. The School budget continues to make up the largest percentage of the bill you pay for taxes. The School and County account for approximately 75% of your tax bill.