Welcome to the Town of Windsor Locks Connecticut Real Estate Assessment Database. The property record reflects the market value as of the last real estate revaluation, October 1, 2013, the assessment is 70% of the value. Property transfer, sale and ownership information was last updated May 1, 2017. For Assessors Maps go to:

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The mill rate for all taxable property on the October 1, 2016 Grand List, July 2017 Tax, is 26.66. The 2017-2018 Town Budget has not been approved. There is a possibility of a supplemental bill to cover any shortfall in revenue.

I encourage property owners to review property data. Contact the Assessor’s Office concerning value, exemption questions and record discrepancies.

For additional assessment or tax information go to the Town website: www.windsorlocksct.org

Thank you

Elizabeth A. Duffy, CCMA II Town Assessor

(860)627-1448 eduffy@wlocks.com 

*Please be aware, online information from other sources may be inaccurate.