Middletown is in the process of finalizing a statistical update of the town's assessments.  The values will be certified as of December 31, 2023 and will be used in the 2024 tax year.

The valuations currently provided in this database contain the proposed  property value assessments.

For more information related to the re-valuation go to the Assessors' page of the Town web site at: https://tax-assessor.middletownri.com/ 

There you will also find plat maps, tax rolls, a citizens information handbook and the latest information about Middletown.

When searching the database always use upper case. Street suffixes are usually two letter abbreviations e.g. Lane=LN, Street=ST. There are no commas between parts of names e.g. John Smith is searched by SMITH JOHN.

When selecting a specific parcel enter Map(Plat) in Map and Direction(NE,SE,NW,etc.)in Block, Lot in Lot, Suffix(A, .12,etc.) in final field. For example to search for the playing fields next to the Library which is Plat/Lot 107SW/1A. It would be entered as follows: Map: [ 107 ] Block: [ SW ] Lot: [ 1 ] [ A ]


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