Welcome to the Town of Ogunquit, ME Online Assessment Database!

If you need additional information, find an error, or have a question, please email us at assessor@ogunquit.gov.  You can find current tax maps, current use applications, and exemption information at https://ogunquit.gov/189/Assessor.


FY 2023-24 Tax Rate is $6.46 per $1,000 of assessed value

Assessment Ratio is 100%

The Valuation Date is April 1, 2023

The 2023-2024 fiscal year is July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

Tax Commitment Date is September 19, 2023

Tax Bill Due Dates are November 15, 2023 & May 15, 2024

Interest Rate for unpaid taxes is 6.00%

Deadline to file an abatement application is March 22, 2024


As a Maine taxpayer you may be eligible for the following property tax exemption programs:

  • Homestead Property Tax Exemption
  • Veterans Property Tax Exemption
  • Blind Persons Property Tax Exemption
  • Business Property Tax Exemption

To see if you qualify:


Should you qualify, please submit the application(s) to the Ogunquit Assessor by April 1, 2024 (for Fiscal year 2025 taxes).

**PLEASE NOTE** Information on property abatements and exemptions is not available on this site. This site is to be used as a reference and may not have the most current property information. Please verify property information with the town assessing office.


Maine law provides the taxable status of all real estate in the State of Maine to be established as of April 1 of each year.

If you were the owner of record on April 1, you will receive the current year's tax billPlease forward the tax bill to the new owner if you sell your property AFTER April 1 of the current year.

Proration of taxes between the buyer and seller does not involve the municipality. Although monies may be collected for taxes at closing they may not be paid to the municipality.


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