Welcome to the Vision Government Solutions, Inc Assessor’s database for the City of Pawtucket, RI. 

The City of Pawtucket has contracted with Vision Government Solutions, Inc of Hudson, Massachusetts to complete the state mandated statistical revaluation project. The reassessment program establishes market value as of December 31, 2020.  

2023 Tax Rates (all rates per thousand):

Residential (up to 5 units)    16.94

Commercial                          29.65

Autos phased out

Tangible                                52.09           

The Council did raise the rate from last year and most taxes went up anywhere from $70 - $100 dollars yearly.  If your taxes have changed beyond that, it could be due to an exemption coming off or major work being done on the site.  Since the Assessor's Office only deals with the value of your property only request an Appeal if you don't agree with the value of what your home was worth as of the reassessment date (see above). You cannot appeal your taxes; only the value of your property which in turn affects the taxes.  Appeal forms can be obtained by coming to the Assessor's Office and since all forms are numbered and accounted for, they are not available through the website.  All Appeals are due back to the Assessor's Office by October 17, 2023.

Thank you