This website will allow the user to search for properties by street address, owner's name, or map & lot. 


The values on this website reflect Fiscal Year 2024 taxes and assessments provided are based on the date of January 1, 2023 using market data from sales within the town of Paxton. The Fiscal Year 2024 tax rate has been approved at $16.07. Values are generated based on market conditions. 


Property owners should review the information specific to their property. If you have any questions or find a discrepancy with your property data, please contact the office. 


Paxton operates on a quarterly payment system and the mailings are twice per year with attached coupons. They are issued at the end of December and June with due dates as follows; February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. Abatement filings are due by February 1st, 2024. 


Assessor’s office hours are Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 8:00-4:00 and Friday by appointment only. The phone number is 508-799-7231 Ext. 16. 


Field inspections cause hours to vary, please email for the best response; kclute@townofpaxton.net.




Kateri Clute

Principal Assessor


Board of Assessors


Kateri Clute 

Dee Malone

Glenn Sullivan