Values listed on this web site do not reflect any exemptions or tax credits.   

Vision Appraisal updates the Town of Bow's assessing information once per month. For the most accurate information, please contact the Bow Assessing Office directly at 603-223-3975.

The owners are listed as of April 30, 2023.

Please contact the Town Assessor, Monica Hurley, with any questions at 603-223-3975 or stop by the Assessing Office at the Bow Municipal Building, 10 Grandview Road.

Property assessment questions can also be emailed to: mhurley@bownh.gov

For more information, you may visit the Town's website at www.bownh.gov, where the Assessing Department is listed under Services.

Properties on Branch Londonderry Turnpike-East or -West CANNOT be accessed through the Street Listing area. Use the Parcel Lookup, Query by Location, enter in the street number, and for the street name, enter either "Br Londonderry Tpk-E", or "Br Londonderry Tpk-W".

Some information frequently asked for:

Equalization Ratio for 2022:  67.6%

Tax Rate for 2022:  $26.52

Bow's last full revaluation was 2019

Bow's next scheduled revaluation is 2024

The Town of Bow makes no warranties, expressed or implied regarding accuracy or completeness, and assume no liability whatsoever associated with the use of this data. Some properties may have been omitted at the owner's request. The official public records are in the Assessing Office at the Bow Municipal Building, 10 Grandview Road.