This data is a summary of the details used in the valuation of the 10/1/2019 reassessment program for the Town of Branford. This assessment represents 70% of the full market value in 2019.

Currently, Branford is in the process of performing a reassessment program for 2019. The date of valuation is 10/1/2019. Vision Government Solutions and the Assessor's Office have been working to adjust assessments to the new market trends occurring in 2019. Property owners now have the ability to review the data for their new, proposed assessments.  If you would like to review your assessment with Vision staff, please follow the instructions on the notice of assessment that was mailed on 11/27/2019.  Reviews are by appointment only and will be held in Branford.

Due to a coding error, some data was missing from the data mailers sent with the impact notice.  Fireplaces and detached garages were left off in error.  Additionally, multiple notices were also sent in error.  Please refer to the data on this website.  This data is correct and should answer any questions arising from the data mailers.  We apologize for the confusion.

Please review the data contained in the link to general revaluation information that is available on the Town of Branford website:  http://branford-ct.gov/content/143/205/332/default.aspx

The Assessor's Office and Vision Government Solutions would like to thank the property owners of Branford for their cooperation during the many phases of the Town's State mandated reassessment.

Access to Vision Field Cards

Enter Online Database and then go to the Property Lookup Screen. Once on the Property Lookup Screen bring up the Property Location and Select Specific Parcel. Once your parcel is selected in the Upper Right Corner of the Screen a Prop Card Tab will appear. Click on the Prop Card Tab and View  the Vision Field Card.