Welcome to the Town of Brunswick, Maine's online assessment database.  This database is updated weekly and provides property assessment information as it is being developed.  It is provided as a convenience and it is highly encouraged that taxpayers review the information on their account at least once per year prior to tax bills being issued in September.  Please address any questions, concerns, or data discrepancies promptly with the Assessing Office.

Notice to Property Owners:

Assessment Date vs. Tax Year
By State law, property is assessed as it is on April 1 each year.  The Town's fiscal billing year runs from July 1 to June 30 and tax bills will reflect property as it was on the preceding April 1.  Any ownership or property changes that occur after April 1, will not reflect until the next fiscal year.
Tax Bills
Tax bills are generally mailed by the second week of each September, in the name of the owner as of April 1 of that calendar year.  Tax bills can be paid in two installments generally due mid-October and mid-April.  Billing questions and payments should be directed to the Tax Collector's Office.
Tax Proration
Under Maine Law, payment of property taxes is the responsibility of the person who owns the property on April 1.  Any agreement between buyers and sellers of property to divide the taxes is a private matter that the Town has no involvement in.  If any part of the tax is not paid, a lien will be filed in the name of the person who owned the property on April 1.
  • Sellers:  Even if you no longer own the property, a lien may have a negative effect on your credit rating.
  • Buyers:  If a lien is filed in the seller's name, the Town may foreclose on your property unless taxes are paid.
Potential problems can be avoided by addressing the matter of property taxes at the time of closing.
Mailing Addresses
Please verify the mailing address the Town has on file is correct.  When property sells, we use the mailing address listed on the real estate transfer tax form.  Often, this is the property owner's previous address, however, we make no assumptions on which mailing address should be used.  To update your mailing address, contact the Assessing Office.
Mobile Home Owners
We are not automatically notified of mobile home exchanges as we are with other real estate.  Please notify the Assessing Office immediately if you move, exchange, or sell a mobile home.
Deeds for property within the Town of Brunswick are recorded at the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds


2023-2024 Important Information

Tax Year: July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024
Assessment Date: April 1, 2023
Commitment Date: September 15, 2023
Certified Ratio: 83%
Net Taxable Valuation: $2,395,327,744
Tax Levy: $55,787,183.16
Tax Rate (click here for historic rates): $23.29
Tax Bill Due Dates: October 31, 2023 & April 16, 2024
Interest on Overdue Taxes: 8%

Additional Information

Assessing Office
85 Union Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011