Welcome to the Assessor’s database for the Town of Canterbury, CT.  

The information provided in this database reflects the current assessed valuation for each individual property as of October 1st, 2023.  The last revaluation was done for 10/1/2020.  Assessments would have been updated since then only due to a change in parcel information such as building permits, new maps, deeds, zoning decisions, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any land size or boundary changes filed after October 1 2023 will be updated after the Board of Appeals process in Spring of 2024.  

Ownership changes are reflected through 11/30/2023.

The next town-wide revaluation will be completed for 10/1/2024.

2022 Mill Rate 23.00

2023 Mill Rate will be determined by the Board of Finance in May of 2024.

Assessor's Office:

Phone: 860-546-6035   Email: assessor@canterburyct.org