Welcome to the Town of Concord online assessment database. The information provided in this database reflects Fiscal Year 2024 Property Valuations. These values reflect the full and fair cash value of all property as of January 1, 2023. To arrive at these values, property sales from calendar year 2022 were reviewed and analyzed to determine trends in the market for all properties.  The Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2024 is $13.13/1,000 of valuation for Residential and $12.24/1,000 of valuation for Commercial.  

Property owners should review the information specific to their property. Visit our website www.concordma.gov and read information pertaining to assessments, abatements and exemptions. There is also a spreadsheet with the qualified property sales for 2022 and the Fiscal Year 2024 presentation prepared for the Classification Hearing with the Select Board.  Through this online database we have given you access to the Fiscal Year 2024 Property Record Cards.  Enter the online database and put in the address you wish to review.  Once the property information comes up on the screen click Field Card and you will see the Fiscal Year 2024 Property Record Card.  You may now view or print all property record cards for yourself.  We hope this will be a tool which you will find beneficial. 

If you have any questions or find a discrepancy with your property data, please contact us via phone (978)318-3070 or email: assessing@concordma.gov.  

The Board of Assessors hopes that the information you find here is informative and helpful.