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***For any issues accessing your on-line account; please call Vision directly and they will be able to assist you.  They can be reached at 1-800-628-1013 ext. 3 or via email at customersupport@vgsi.com.

Ownership and values have updated through July 19, 2022.

By vote of the Concord City Council users are now required to register in order to access the Vision Database. Now you are able to view building sketches and search by owners name.

The following information does not constitute a complete compilation of the Concord Assessing Department records. Information is furnished by the Concord Assessing Office, and must be accepted and used by recipient with the understanding that the data received was developed and collected for the purpose of developing property tax assessments according to New Hampshire law. As such, the Concord Assessing Office makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data for any other particular use. Furthermore, the Concord Assessing Office assumes no liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of such data. The information furnished is for the convenience of the user and is not the official public record of the City of Concord. The official public record is kept in the Assessing Office at 41 Green Street, Concord, New Hampshire and is available for inspection and copying during normal business hours.

2021 Tax Rate

Concord: $ 25.12

Penacook: $ 27.97

2021 Ratio 95.5%



Mailing Address Change Options 1. Hand-deliver to City Hall. 2. Use form supplied in your tax bill. 3. Send a note or letter with: (a) Owner’s name (b) Property address and Account Number (c) New Mailing Address (d) Owner must sign and date (e) Send to: Concord City Hall ATTN: Assessing Department 41 Green Street Concord, NH 03301.  Please indicate how many properties are affected by the requested change of address (if more than one).