Welcome to the Deep River, CT Online Assessment Database.

This database provides you with information on each parcel of real estate in Deep River, along with the ability to search for sales of properties that might be similar to your selected property. 

The values shown on this site are the assessments of all properties based on 70% of market value established during the October 1, 2020 Revaluation.

Please note that the P. A. 490 use value for farm and forest are shown for those in the program, and the new use values have been applied. The P.A. 490 use values are as established by the State. 

Exemptions to assessment (veterans, blind, etc.) are not shown as a part of this value, but will be applied to the final assessment as it pertains to the October 1, 2022 Grand List.

If you have questions regarding the details of a property on this website, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 860-526-6029.  Details are updated regularly based on information from building permits, field inspections, available sales data and town clerk records.

The current mill rate for the 2022 Grand List is 29.88.  The previous mill rate for the 2021 Grand List was 28.98

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