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The assessing firm Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) has been hired by the Town of Durham to conduct a town wide revaluation, in accordance with the NH Constitution Part II, Article 6 and RSA 75:8a, for the 2023 tax year. The purpose of the project is to bring property assessments uniformly in line with market conditions as of April 1, 2023.

Here is a general outline of each phase of the project.

Data Collection and Sales Review: The data collection phase of the project started during the summer of 2022 where MRI staff members have been measuring the exterior and inspecting the interior of all structures in Durham to make sure the data regarding each property is accurate. Postcards have been mailed to property owners to notify them about upcoming of inspections. For properties which receive only an exterior inspection, property owners will be sent a letter requesting an appointment. Information on how to schedule an appointment will be provided in the letter.  All MRI personnel working in the Town will have picture IDs and letters from the Town identifying them. Personnel information will also be registered with the Durham Police Department.

Market Analysis, Valuation and Field Review: A variety of resources will be used to analyze the real estate market, including information from the Strafford County Registry of Deeds and local real estate professionals. MRI will analyze property sales within the revaluation analysis period, between April 1, 2021, and March 31, 2023, to determine what market factors influence property values. The current market rates for land and building values, demonstrated by property sales, will be used to establish new land and building values for all properties in the Town.

During the market analysis and valuation phase, building values will be determined by comparing each property to others with similar characteristics. Land values will be determined based on the desirability of locations throughout the Town as demonstrated by the real estate market. After market and valuation adjustments have been made, properties will be viewed in the field by Supervisor Assessors who double-check data for uniformity and accuracy.

Informal Hearings: Once field review is complete, a notice of preliminary assessed values will be mailed to each property owner. At this time, property owners will have an opportunity to discuss questions concerning the revaluation process, assessed values, or their property data with MRI personnel. After the informal hearings, adjustments to values will be made, if needed, and assessments will be finalized and accepted by the Town.

Informal hearings are expected by June. New values will be reflected in the November tax bills. The NH Department of Revenue will follow the revaluation making their own follow up visits to a percentage of viewed properties and checking the data.

For more information about the revaluation, please contact Municipal Resources, Inc., (603) 279-0352 or the Town offices, 603-868-8064. Please check the Town website for updates and more information: https://www.ci.durham.nh.us/assessing.


Welcome To the Durham, NH Online Assessment Database.  

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Property owners may request that their property tax card information be completely removed from the Town website OR to have only the photograph of their property removed. This can be accomplished by contacting the Assessing Office at 868-8064.
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