Welcome to the East Lyme real estate database. This data base contains a listing for all real estate, from vacant land to commercial buildings.

Use upper case on all streets, names, etc. when running searches. For parcels with two addresses ex. 32-34 Broadway, be sure to use the complete address.

The values shown here are the new proposed values for the State-mandated revaluation conducted by Vision Government Solutions and the Assessor's Office.  They reflect any changes that were made as part of the hearing process with Vision staff.  If you still feel that the proposed assessment is incorrect, please follow the instructions on your second notice for applying to the East Lyme Board of Review.

Please do not use the current tax rate to estimate your tax bill.  A new rate will be established by the Town's Finance Committee in the spring.  

The proposed assessments are base on sales in East Lyme that took place in the last twelve months and have a valuation date of 10/1/2021.

We thank the residents of East Lyme for their cooperation during the project.

Taxpayer Revaluation Link