Welcome to the Town of Freeport's online assessment database.

The town's mil rate for fiscal year 2022/2023 is $13.65 per thousand dollars of value, and we are currently certifying a ratio of 100%. Our fiscal year runs July to June. Our tax commitment date is September 15, 2022.  Due dates are November 15, 2022 and May 15, 2023. 

Address Search Oddities: *Street names containing the word "Lower" are listed with that word abbreviated to "LWR" *Additionally, Route 1 addresses follow this format: US ROUTE ONE

The Town's website address is http://freeportmaine.com If you need to contact the Assessing Department, feel free to call or email us:

Quang Minh Le, CMA-2 - Assessor (207) 865-4743 x140 qle@freeportmaine.com

Louise Thibeault, CMA-2 - Assist. Assessor (207) 865-4743 x105 lthibeault@freeportmaine.com