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Dear Property Owner:

In an effort to maintain fair and equitable assessments for all properties, the firm of Municipal Resources, Inc. (Contract Assessor’s Agent), is performing a cyclical review of all properties in the Town.  They will visit roughly 25% of the properties each year to check for accurate measurements and to verify all pertinent data of each improvement. 

All assessing staff from Municipal Resources, Inc. are certified by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue and will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Staff will be wearing identification badges, will have signs on their vehicles and will have introduction letters from the Town showing their vehicle information and Town contact information. 

  • A typical inspection takes around 10 minutes. If no one is home, exterior measurements of all improvements will be taken. A letter may be sent in the future which will inform owners of dates and times in which appointments for an interior inspection can be arranged.

  • If an adult property owner is home they will request an interior inspection to confirm data. Interior inspections are very important to ensure accurate, fair and equitable assessments for all properties.

  • The homeowner is encouraged to provide information that may not be apparent to the appraiser at the time of inspection such as: seasonal wetness, cracked foundations, leaking roofs, easements, etc. 


    Frequently Asked Questions:


    What is a Cyclical Review?  A Cyclical review is a systematic house by house, neighborhood by neighborhood review of each property to verify that the information listed on the Town’s assessment record matches the property.


    How often will my property be reviewed?  The review process is a revolving program and your property will be typically be viewed once every 4-5 years. In addition to the cyclical reviews, appraisers will review all sales, building permits, subdivisions, and boundary line adjustments. 


    Will this change my property Value?  Only if the information in the assessing record is found to be inaccurate.  Such as:  The property record card has no listing of a deck but the property does have a deck.  Or, the property record card indicates the property has three baths but there are only two.   

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions about the project please call the Town Office at 603-532-7445.

Current MRI Assessing Staff: Paul McKenney, CNHA, Ed Tinker, CNHA; Scott Marsh, CNHA; Michael Pelletier, CNHA, Shawn Main, Seth Giberson, Paul Moreau, Michelle McDonald, Cameron Appleyard, Chad Gordon.