Welcome to the Jamestown, RI Online Assessment Database. This database contains the data used as part of the State-mandated revaluation for the Town of Jamestown. The valuation date of this reassessment is 12/31/2018. Please review the data for your property. If you wish to question the proposed assessment mailed to property owners on February 15th, please follow the instructions contained in your assessment notice.

The typical increase during this revaluation for residential properties is approximately 16%.  Some properties will have greater increases and some less.  In general, this reflects changes seen in the Jamestown real estate market over the past three years.  A good indicator is the change in the median selling price between 2015 and 2018.  The median price is the middle price between the highest price and the lowest price paid in that time frame for all qualified sales (qualified being good, open market sales).

The median price in 2015 was $591,000.  The median price for 2018 is $689,000.

We would like to thank all the Jamestown residents for their cooperation during the reassessment project.