Welcome to Lexington's selectable and sortable real property database, hosted by Vision Government Solutions, Inc.  This database is linked to the webpage of the Lexington Assessor, and it reflects property data (Residential and Commercial) exactly as it is maintained by the Town of Lexington, MA.  Annually, once the Department of Revenue (DOR) approves Lexington's updated assessment work, the approved database is "frozen", and it then remains displayed here on the VGSI website - with no changes - for 12 full months:

From Jan, 2021 to Dec, 2021 -- the DOR-approved assessed values in Lexington for frozen database of Fiscal Year 2021 have been displayed;

    --- then, sometime during the 31 days of January, 2022, this website will be updated to show Lexington's most recent DOR-approved database, called: “Frozen (or "static") FY 2022” ---

Then, from Jan, 2022 to Dec, 2022 -- these assessed valuations in Lexington for Fiscal Year 2022 will continue to be displayed ... as originally posted.  Therefore, the results of abatement reviews, on-site inspection visits, or any other corrections or adjustments entered into our active (internal) database will NOT be recognized in this on-line, public-access website [which display the data that the DOR has reviewed and approved] at any time during calendar 2022.)

Using your computer mouse, click the "Enter Online Database" button, and you will be able to review assessed values for all real properties in Lexington. 

Residential real property values were primarily based on qualified housing unit sales data.  Commercial and Industrial real property values were based primarily on qualified "income and expense data" that is exclusively attributable to real property.

If you have questions please come in to visit the Lexington Assessor's Office, or call: (781) 698-4578.