·        This database is a snapshot of Lexington’s real property data (Residential and Commercial); the data is frozen in time, or “static”.  It is hosted by VGSI.

·        In each January, the data found here is extracted from the Assessor’s database.  A replacement static database will arrive in the following January, after that new database has been fully approved by the MA Dept. of Revenue.

·         During the year, results of abatement reviews, on-site inspection visits, and all other corrections or adjustments that are entered into our active (internal) database WILL NOT be recognized/updated at any time during the 12 months that this public database is available.  They will be part of the replacement database.

·         Residential real property assessments are primarily based on similar, qualified sales of housing units in Lexington.  Commercial and Industrial real property assessments are primarily based on "income and expense data" that is attributable to other similar, qualified properties.

If you have questions, please come in to visit the Lexington Assessor's Office, email: TAO@Lexingtonma.gov, or call us: (781) 698-4578.  Thank you.

Using your computer mouse, click the "Enter Online Database" button, and you will be able to review assessed values for all real properties in Lexington.