Welcome to the Town of Scarborough’s Online Vision Assessment Database.

The Vision Database allows you to search and view the Property Card record on each parcel of real estate in Scarborough; it contains information on assessments, property features, sales data, and ownership

2024 Revaluation Assessments

The information currently available on the Vision Online Database represents the new 2024 assessed values and accounts for nearly all 10,000+ properties at this time.

Property “Field Card” PDFs (accessed by clicking dark orange button in upper right corner) have also been updated to reflect new 2024 assessments. Please note, you may need to click refresh/reload in your web browser the first time you access the 2024 Field Card.  

Please see the Town's Revaluation Webpage for additional information.


*** 2024-2025 Property Taxes ***

Your new assessment is based upon the estimated full market value as of April 1, 2024. This new value will affect your upcoming fall tax bills for half-year installment payments due October 2024 and March 2025.

How to Estimate Your Annual Taxes

Due to the increase in total town wide assessed value, the mil rate is projected to decrease from 15.97/$1,000 to 11.05/$1,000 or an Estimated Tax Rate of 0.01105 *

STEP 1. Locate your New Assessed Value and all your Exemptions (i.e. Homestead, Vet, Solar)

A) “Assessment”: 3rd line from top/right of page

B) “Exemptions”: scroll to bottom of page

STEP 2. Calculate your Taxable Value

Assessment, minus all Exemptions

Example: 600,000 – 25,000 = 575,000

STEP 3. Taxable Value X Est Tax Rate

Example: 575,000 X 0.01105 = $6,354 Est Annual Taxes

Revaluation Notice Letters

Mailed notices from the Assessing office have been sent to property owners, including two documents:

-Your Individualized (property-specific) assessment notice stating your new assessed value & your estimated taxes

-A flyer with further details: How the Assessing office determines these values and what you can do to conduct your own research and appeal your new value, if needed

* The FY25 Tax Rate and Estimated Taxes are projections only and will not be finalized until tax commitment in late August.