This site is provided to the town to disclose all property values and details including a sketch and picture of each property showing the outline of the building and total square footage. This site provides full disclosure of each property so that residents, business owners, appraisers, and others can use this data as needed. Should there be a question or issue on the data, the Assessor’s office is available to answer questions. The goal of the Assessor’s office is to provide full and fair cash value for each property at 100% of market value. The values displayed are fiscal year 2023 assessed values.

Each year the Assessor’s office reviews values to make changes based on a variety of influences of market changes and cost variables. There are three approaches to value that Assessors use when determining value: sales, cost, and income approach. Assessors use a combined approach for residential properties called market adjusted cost approach. This simply means a combination of sales and market approach and the cost of construction are combined to develop values. The income approach is used for commercial and industrial properties. This information is then input into a software package called CAMA (computer assisted mass appraisal). Massachusetts Department of Revenue require cities and towns to use CAMA in deriving values for their municipality.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue reviews values every 5 years as part of a rigorous certification process. They also review values during the interim years in between to make sure full and fair cash values are being maintained.

In addition to property details, there is a sales search feature of the site that allows research into recent sales to compare sales of similar homes and features.

Property owners can verify their information with this database. If there are issues or you question the accuracy of the data, please contact the Assessor’s office so we can resolve the issue with an inspection or other resolution. Office hours are Monday thru Friday 9AM-4PM, Wednesday we have extended hours to 5PM.


You may be prompted to install Silverlight (a free product from Microsoft) after you enter. Follow all the prompts to run the plug-in installer. In some cases, you may need to refresh or restart your browser. If you have any questions please call Vision customer support at 800-628-1013 x2.