Welcome to the Voluntown, CT Online Assessment Database. The Town of Voluntown contracted with Vision Government Solutions Inc. to complete it's state mandated 2015 revaluation.  

We would like to thank Voluntown property owners and residents for their patience and cooperation during the revaluation process. Property assessment information contained in this database reflects the October 1, 2015 Assessment date. All values were finalized in January 2016. 

Ownership information is updated through April 30, 2018.

2018 Mill rate: = 29.21

Assessment ratio: 70%

Previous Revaluation date: 10/1/2015

Current Revaluation date: 10/1/2020

VOLUNTOWN Contact Information

Assessor's Office 115 Main Street   P.O. Box 96 Voluntown, CT 06384

Assessor:  Chandler Rose, CCMAII

Email: crose@voluntown.gov

Normal Hours: Monday 9-3 and Tuesday 6-8

Taxpayer Revaluation Information