Welcome to the Town of Wolcott Online Assessment Database.

The Town of Wolcott contracted with Vision Government Solutions Inc. of Hudson, Massachusetts to assist with the  state-mandated revaluation project for the October 1, 2021 Grand List. Both the Assessor's Office and Vision Government Solutions would like to thank the Town of Wolcott residents for their patience and cooperation throughout the 2021 Revaluation project.

The information provided in this database reflects the assessed values based upon the October 1, 2021 Revaluation. Assessment equals 70% of the full value. Exemptions are not reflected in these 2021 values.

Do not apply the current tax (mill) rate to your new assessment as the mill rate will change, and using the prior mill rate will not correctly calculate your July 2022 tax bill. The new mill rate will be determined in the Spring of 2022.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for your use. No claim that the file is complete or that the file is 100% accurate is made. It is a copy of the Property Record File of the Town and as such is a constant work in progress. You may also view and copy data in the Town Hall.